Naïve Art - Our history

The Jacques Ardies Gallery is located in Vila Mariana and occupies an old house completely renovated.

The gallery, which began its activities in August 1979, is dedicated to the dissemination and promotion of Brazilian naïve art.

Over these 42 years, many exhibitions were held, 120 individual exhibitions and more than 200 group shows, in their own space and also in Museums such as MAC in Campinas, MAM in Goiânia, Espace Art 4 in Paris, Espaço Cultural de FMI in Washington, Musée International de art Naïf Anatole Jakovski in Nice, Memorial da América Latina in São Paulo, to name but a few, and also in art galleries such as Galeria Jacqueline Bricard in southern France, Galeria pro Arte Kasper in Switzerland and the Gina Gallery in Tel-Aviv – Israel.

In 1998, Jacques Ardies launched the book Arte Naïf no Brasil with the collaboration of the critic Geraldo Edson de Andrade and in 2003, he published the book on the life and work of the artist from Pernambuco Ivonaldo, with text by the professor and art critic Jorge Anthonio e Silva. . In 2010, he launched the second book on Naïve Art in Brazil with text written by him and comments from 4 friends who are also passionate about this art. Four years later, this same book was published in a French version.

The gallery permanently exhibits paintings and sculptures by 80 artists selected and considered representative of the Brazilian naïve art movement.

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