Brazilian by birth and heart, is French by origin, lives in the American Midwest and paints the longing for Brazil. Using the technique of oil on canvas, applied in generous layers with the help of a spatula, Christine Drummond manages to transmit a lot of energy in unbridled movements with vibrant and vivid colors, portraying the parade of samba schools, the intense life in the favelas and recently, the crowds resting on crowded but gorgeous beaches. Anyone who is receptive to the artist's enchanted world will find the magical sensation of participating in a joyful, festive, and convivial world and, in this sense, the artist reaches a level of quality reserved only for talented artists. The artist's journey: She spent her childhood in Rio de Janeiro's summer, the one that extends throughout the year. When he turned 20 years old, he moved to France where he met various artistic movements. He painted in the hours that were left when his four children finally fell asleep. In 2003, already residing in Indianapolis, United States, she presented her paintings for the first time in a gallery in Chicago. The following year, he did not hesitate to accept an invitation from the Kuaba Gallery in Indianapolis to hold his first solo exhibition. In 2005, he participated in the “Latin Amercican Fine Art Exhibition” at the Agora Gallery in New York and that year, he began to exhibit his paintings at the Jacques Ardies Gallery, Brazil. In 2006, he won the “Global Chelsea Competition” competition organized by the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in New York, with the “Street Life” painting. In 2007, he holds a second solo show at the Kuaba Gallery together with the African sculptor Dominic Benhura. That same year, she was selected to participate in the Florence Biennale, Italy, a feat that will be repeated two years later. In 2010, Christine Drummond is invited to exhibit with the group of contemporary artists “Open Art Code” at the famous “Salon des Artistes Indépendants” at the Grand Palais in Paris. In 2011, he flies to Sydney, Australia, at the invitation of Butler Goode Gallery to present his paintings in a solo exhibition. That year, he participated in the New York Art Expo and performed again at the “Salon des artistes indépendants au Grand Palais de Paris” in addition to entering the Gemluc Art Contest in Monaco, where his painting was awarded the first prize. This distinction offers an invitation to a solo exhibition at the prestigious Galerie Adriano Ribolzi of Monaco, an event that took place in May this year and was inaugurated by Her Excellency Princess Caroline. In 2013, she held a second solo exhibition in Sydney at the Butler Goode Gallery, an exhibition sponsored by the Consulate General of Brazil. Paris, Indianapolis, Barcelona, ​​Saint Remy de Provence, Sydney, New York, Miami, Monaco and now São Paulo. Last month, a large painting by the artist was auctioned off by Sotheby's to raise funds for a charitable organization and the painting, priced at 4500 euros, was sold for 8500 euros. In just a few years an impressive journey. And in the future?