1936 – Ipigua, SP. – Attended the first São Paulo School of Propaganda and Marketing and made a career as an advertiser from J. Walter Thompson, Editora Abril and others. In partnership with the plastic artist Cássio Mello, she was the Owner-Director of Constata Propaganda until 1973. At the Folklore Museum of São Paulo, under the direction of Rossini Tavares de Lima, she carried out research and held her first exhibition in 1969. Her works are displayed in the collection of important collectors, in textbooks, in books and dictionaries specialized in Art. Since 1969, painting has become the main activity. The themes of his painting are inspired by plantations and harvests, traditional festivals and the daily life of the modern rural and urban world. Brazilian classical and popular music are as important as paint, brush and canvas. He participated in a group exhibition at Galeria Cravo e Canela in 1979 and since then has presented his paintings at Galeria Jacques Ardies, which made the exhibitions possible at the Musee de arte Naif de Condom in France and at the Gina Gallery (Israel), and at the Galeria Jacqueline Bricard, Lourmarin , France, among others. In Portugal, she participated in exhibitions at Galeria Vieira Portuense and at the Municipal Museum of Espinho (Women's Biennial). He is an effective member of the União Brasileira dos Troubadores and also of the Academia Paranaense de Poesia, where he occupies chair number 09. He currently resides in Portugal in the city of Porto.