Dileusa Dinis Rodrigues 1939 – Humberto de Campos, Maranhão. Autodidact began his career in 1968 when he was already living in São Paulo, holding his first two solo exhibitions in that same year, one at the Instituto Cultural Brasil-Argentina, São Paulo and the other at Galeria 21 in Recife. In the following years, he participated in numerous exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, for example, an individual at the Gradiva Gallery in Buenos Aires (1973), at the Clube Hebraica in São Paulo (1979), at the Museu Histórico do Maranhão in São Luis (1988). ) and at the Jacques Ardies Gallery in São Paulo (1989 – 1995 – 2005). Dila returned to her native land, settling in São Luis, where she was received with great affection. He declared at the time: “There is my floor. It's time to start painting the babassu trees before they run out. And who's going to remember our guajuru and muricizeiro feet?” Dila has always been tied to the images of memory, to everyday life in the Northeast and to childhood memories, which she expresses in her art in an original way. “Spontaneous, popular, it sensitizes all social classes with the fascination of its vivid colors. Naive in its symbology, but perceptive in its messages, it establishes an immediate interaction with the people.” wrote the critic and poet Afonso Pantoja. Dila has become a renowned painter and is being sought after to create large murals commissioned by the city of São Luis do Maranhão.