Eduardo Ungar was born in 1946 and lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he develops his professional activity as a painter. It started in the plastic arts through ceramics. He specialized in decorative painting on tiles, having carried out several works in the 70s, working in Mireya Baglietto's atelier. Later, he joined the atelier of Diana Chalukian and Jorge Sarrible, where he began working in oil painting. He was an associate professor of drawing and painting at Consudec. He has held several group and individual exhibitions, including his presence in the cities of Buenos Aires, Caracas, Paris, Chicago, Miami, New York and Madrid. His works are on permanent exhibition in specialized representation galleries in Paris, New York, Tel Aviv and now also in Lisbon. During his career, he received several distinctions and honorable mentions, with the 2003st Prize for Naïf Painting organized by the “Hoy en el Arte” Gallery in Argentina in 1 and the Mención del Jurado Prize at the Exposición y Concurso sobre el Antiguo Testament granted by the “Gina Gallery” in Tel Aviv, Israel, and also the 1987st International Naïf Painting Prize from the “Galería Pro Arte Kasper” in Morges, Switzerland.