Élon Brasil was born in urban Niterói and dedicated his life to black people, the Indians and the soul of things. Élon lived for two years with the shaman Mayuta, bent over the Tanguru river. It was his initiation period in the jungle, when he lost the “smell of civilization”. However, he began to paint the Indians only in 1986, with the Tukano tribe, on the banks of the Rio Negro, in the Amazon. The book brings memories of the military dictatorship, still in Niterói, friendship with Jorge Amado and Menotti del Picchia, life in São Paulo and experiences in the tribes and in Benin, Africa. His art reaches the viewer in the most uncomplicated and unpretentious state. “Élon paints with rigorous precision, using ink and the material of dreams, which we don't know how to name”, defines Arantes.