1942 – São João de Nepomuceno, MG He moved to Rio de Janeiro in order to train as a system analyst. While still studying, he worked for the American company Honeywell, but what he really enjoyed was dedicating himself to painting, encouraged by the artist José Saboia with whom he shared a studio. As always, the beginning was difficult and Ernani complemented his livelihood with a technical translation service from English. His first solo exhibition took place at the Toulouse Gallery in Rio de Janeiro in 1983 and the following year he presented himself at the Jacques Ardies Gallery in São Paulo, establishing, from that date, a partnership that has lasted until today. In the following years, he exhibited at the Adroaldo Carneiro Gallery in Recife, at the Detursa Gallery in Madrid, (1997) and at the Tuset Gallery in Barcelona (1999), Spain. In 1991, he participated in the exhibition “Brazilian Art Collection”, a traveling exhibition that lasted 4 years and traveled to several North American cities, inaugurated at the IMF Gallery in Washington, EUS. Albert Laporte, in love with naïve art, was fascinated by Pavaneli's work and dedicated a huge exhibition to him in 2005 at his Museum of naïf art, in Béraut-Condom, France, whose title was: ”Ernani Pavaneli, le Maître Naïf Brésilien”. He recently participated in the exhibition “L´Arbre et l´ oiseau” at the Jacqueline Bricard Gallery, France and in the collective “Sun, Soul and Sambas, The Brazilian Naives” at the Gina Gallery, Israel.