1952 – Discovered – MG
Settled in São Paulo since 1972, he left his job as a metallurgist in São Bernardo do Campo to dedicate himself to the fine arts in 1975, as a self-taught person and with the encouragement of his friend and colleague Rodolpho Tamanini Netto. That same year, he participated in his first group show, at Galeria Alpendre, São Paulo, and, three years later, he held his first individual exhibition at the Alliance Française Art Gallery, also in São Paulo, followed by others in Rio de Janeiro , Descoberto (MG), Santos (SP) and São João de Nepomuceno (MG). In São Paulo, he has exhibited frequently at the Jacques Ardies Gallery. Among the group exhibitions he has held abroad, the highlights are at Galerie Naïfs du Monde Entier” (Paris, France), “Brésil Naïfs at Galerie Art 4”, La Défense, Paris (France), “Brazilian Naive Art”, exhibition traveling through 40 North American cities, among others. On the occasion of his solo exhibition at the Jacques Ardies Gallery in 2006, the critic Oscar d'Ambrósio wrote: “His great merit is the way he works with green, with variations specific to those who are aware that painting is much more than a subject. the way to develop a thought through colors and shapes. What is impressive in his images is the mix of technical precision with the heavenly feeling that time has stopped to be painted in several scenes, predominantly rural, created with a clean work in which details are essential.”