1949 – Rio de Janeiro Since she was little, she used her creativity to earn a few bucks: she wrote and staged plays behind the sheets spread out on the clothesline in the village where she lived, she made her own puppets with papier marché and charged tickets for improvised shows. He also resold newspapers, magazines and books and shined shoes in the neighborhood. She was a salesperson and later a secretary in several companies. Only after retiring, I was able to devote myself to his artistic vocation and, in 1996, he participated in a group exhibition “Colorful poems” at the International Museum of Naif Art in Rio de Janeiro and at the Bienal de Arte Naif de Piracicaba. In 1998, he held his first major solo exhibition at the same Museum (MIAN). He exhibited his paintings for the first time at the Jacques Ardies Gallery in São Paulo, in 1999. He participated in the Naif art salon at the Casino Estoril gallery in Lisbon, Portugal, at the “Concours International d'art Naif” organized by the Pro Arte Kasper de Morges Gallery , Switzerland and the exhibition ”Maîtres Brésiliens de l´Art Naïf” at the Naif Art Museum in Béraut-Condom, France. The enthusiastic Lucien Finkelstein wrote: “His ability to transform the real into wonderful images gives us infinite emotion and leads us to penetrate his dreams, the source of inspiration for his poetic and tender painting. The thoroughness and perfection of their work remind the Enlightenmentists of the past. Each canvas is a story told by the brushes”.