1924 – São Paulo -SP. 2006- São Paulo – SP. He spent his adolescence in Rio de Janeiro. Newly married to French Guy Arditi, representative in Brazil of the Agence France Presse, she began to paint as a self-taught artist and settled in São Paulo. Then begins a dizzying series of solo and group exhibitions in various European capitals such as Paris (Vernon gallery, Seraphine, Antoinette, Camille Renault), Rome (Carpine gallery), among others. He has also exhibited at renowned galleries in São Paulo such as Cosme Velho, Academus, André and Doucumenta. In Rio, he exhibited at Galeria Vernon and at Petite Galeria, in Bâle, Switzerland, in Montevideo, Uruguay, Germany…etc. In 1967, she was elected Corporate Member and Jury of the Autumn Salon in Paris. He collects works from the most important naifs of the time, especially Brazilians. He gathered his collection and founded the Museum of the Sun in São Paulo (1972), dedicated to this genre of painting, which was donated to the city of Penápolis in 1978, 450 kilometers away from São Paulo. Iracema played a leading role in the naif art movement in Brazil. Many distinctions, between awards and medals, mark his life dedicated to a unique work. France, in 1985, awarded him the Cross of Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres. In 2000, she was invited to celebrate the opening of the new Cultural Space of the Embassy of Brazil in London.