Ivan da Silva Moraes
Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1936
Although he has a college degree, graduated from the School of Social Service, he has been painting since childhood. Later, he studied at the Municipal Institute of Fine Arts and with Ivan Serpa at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro when, then, the space gave great encouragement to spontaneous painting and, consequently, launched the careers of several painters of this style. One of them was Ivan Moraes, who already participated in the “Salão Nacional de Arte Moderna” in 1960 and, in the same year, held his first individual exhibition in the grounds of the Museum of Modern Art.
The following year, he participated in the “Bienal de Paris”, in 1963, in the “Bienal de São Paulo” and, in 1966, in the exhibition “Arte Brasileira”, exhibited in New York.
He individually exhibited at the Copacabana Palace Gallery from 1967 to 1970, at the Ipanema Gallery in 1971 and 1972 and at the Marte-21 Gallery in 1975. His works are included in the work. Aspects of Primitive Brazilian Painting, of Flavius ​​of Aquino.
His most frequent figures are from Bahia, with their white, lacy and golden garments, which he captures with rich details bordering on realism and candomblé.
For the critic Walmir Ayala, "color is your strongest weapon: treat it linearly, uncrushed, firm (no superfluous effect, no halftone)". He died in Rio de Janeiro in 2003.