1934 – Rio de Janeiro – RJ. 1998 – Island of Paquetá – RJ. He lived on Ilha de Paqueta, which always and exclusively served as inspiration for his painting. As its name may imply, it had a Greek origin already incorporated into Brazil for several generations. The beautiful scenes of the marvelous city and the daily snapshots of the people who live there, were always focused with great vigor and innocence in games of pure and flat colors. His first solo show was at Galeria Barcinsky (1964) and in the following years he held, among others, individual at Galeria Vernon (1965), Galeria Ricardo Montenegro (1969), Galeria Chica da Silva (1974) and Galeria Jean-Jacques in 1982, all in Rio de Janeiro. He participated in group exhibitions in the United States, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, England, Argentina, Italy, and in the “First Meeting of Ingenuous Painting in Rio de Janeiro”, 1977. He was also part of the exhibition “The fascinating world of Naif Painters ” at Paço Imperial in 1988 and 1989, when the MIAN did not exist yet. In 1992, on the occasion of Eco 92, at the World Conference on the Environment, a painting by the artist representing Rio de Janeiro without pollution was reproduced on the cover of Time magazine. The Museu Internacional de Arte Naif do Brasil has in its collection a panorama of Rio de Janeiro of its own design, in dimensions of 4x7m, entitled “Rio de Janeiro, I like you, I like these happy people”, dated 1983/1988, a one of the greatest canvases ever made by a naive artist.