Maria Guadalupe M. da Costa Canedo 1912- Monte Carmelo, MG. It was only in 1969 that he began to paint professionally, holding his first solo show at Clube Atlético Paulistano, which he would repeat the following year with two new exhibitions, at Galeria KLM and Galeria do Auditório Itália, both in São Paulo. The paintings express an atmosphere of nostalgia for the intense and happy years. The environment is essentially Minas Gerais, without asphalt and without electricity. People knew each other, talked, and had their dating habits. Guadeloupe has a gift for communicating and believes that it must act to improve the world. He has held several exhibitions in Brazil, such as at Galeria Cravo e Canela, Galeria Seta, Galeria Jacques Ardies (São Paulo), Galeria Jean-Jacques (Rio de Janeiro); abroad, at Galerie Adriana, (Netherlands) and at Galerie Jacqueline Bricard (France) who wrote at the time:” A celestial bleu, a bleu clair et net, a bleu sans embages, or predominate the joie de vivre, finally des solutions et des bonnes nouvelles, même si ce n'est that pour peu de temps, le moment est savoreux.La vie est belle! Merci Guadeloupe.». His human qualities legitimize his vocation to communicate with brushes. And can't stop. Maria Guadalupe, proud of her age, continues to surprise when she presents her recent paintings that suggest integrity, a peculiar vision, kindness, purity and a mastery of her essentially Minas Gerais craft.