Magdalena Rozanska Zawadzka 1937 – Warsaw – Poland At just 20 years of age, she immersed herself in the world of art, participating in the Warsaw Cooperative Intrografia de Arte. He lived in Italy for 5 years where he held his first solo exhibitions in galleries in Rome and Genoa. He emigrated to Brazil in 1975, being fascinated by the lush forests and the variety of animals that inhabit them, immediately transferring to his canvas all the fascination that the tropical landscape had provoked in him. She travels with her imagination through the regions of the Amazon River or Pantanal Mato-grossense. Jaguars, alligators, spoonbills, anteaters, tuiuiús, sloths, Indians, live in his canvases in peace and harmony. In turn, the great Brazilian composer's “Trenzinho Caipira” takes her in the region of the great plantations of the coffee cycle. "Rag Doll", "Porcelain Doll", "Bruxinha", "Wooden Doll", "Where is Polichinelo?" all that is a memory of childhood lived on a wheat and potato farm in distant Poland, a happy childhood abruptly interrupted by the great war, which did not overcome its capacity for enchantment when faced with the exuberant “terra brasilis” of the forest peoples. In 1978, he held his first solo exhibition in Brazil at Galeria 44 and, years later, at Museu da Casa Brasileira (1982) and at Galeria Jacques Ardies (1990 and 1993), all in São Paulo. In 1997, he moved to New York, but his inspiration remains marked by his experience among us.