1951 – São Paulo, SP He began his career as a plastic artist when he was just 19 years old. Self-taught, he initially received guidance from the painter Lise Forell with whom he still maintains a relationship of deep friendship. His first exhibitions date back to 1971 when he held a solo show at Mini Galeria USIS, São Paulo and participated in the collective Bilder aus Brasilien”, at Holtzinger Gallery, Munich, Germany. In 1998, he held an exhibition with the support of the São Paulo Department of Culture, which was also mounted in Santos and Curitiba. He was part of the “Brazilian Naive Paintings” exhibition organized by Partners of Americas and sponsored by JP Morgan, an exhibition set up in several North American cities for over 4 years (1986). He was selected to compete in the Naif Art Contests in Canada in 1993 and 1994 (Galerie Jeaninne Blais) and Morges, Switzerland in 1983 and 1992 (Galerie Pro Ate Kasper). Her paintings are regularly promoted in France by the gallery Jacqueline Bricard, and in Brazil by the Jacques Ardies Gallery, São Paulo. Its themes are basically the city of São Paulo that portrays in a beautiful and attractive way, the seascapes of our coast where the man, in general naked, is represented perfectly integrated within a pure, beautiful and peaceful nature and the life in the favela interpreted like a nice place to live, full of kids flying kites and cats on the roofs and playful dogs, the whole enhanced by the use of flat colors in sophisticated gradients.