Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1914. She was a quiet housewife until 1955, when she started to paint for pure pleasure. His first solo exhibition dates back to 1963 and was held at the critic Geraldo Edson de Andrade's Experimental Gallery. His paintings are part of the collections of Mam, Mian and the Caixa Econômica Museum, in Rio, the Masp of São Paulo, the Musée d'Art Naif de l'île de France, near Paris, the Musée Anatole Jakovski in Nice, the Musée de Arte Moderna de Hambourgo the Musée de Arte Moderna de Buenos Aires, and the Midan de Vicq in addition to the Musée d'art Naïf de Condom in France. In 1987, the art critic Walmir Ayala wrote: “Rosina Becker do Valle ranks among the greatest naive painters in Brazil of all times. His vision is one of innocence, vibrancy and fidelity to popular ambiences, accentuating a growing quality in the handling of painting, without deviating from the basic purity of focus. From an early age, she was understood by critics, admitted to biennials, awarded and viewed with respect and, at no time, her authenticity and the visual richness of her painting were doubted.

He died in Rio de Janeiro, in 2002.