1905 – Rio de Janeiro 1987 – Rio de Janeiro Graduated teacher, graduated in Law and also practiced journalism and art criticism in Rio de Janeiro newspapers. His interest in popular-themed painting began in the 40s, and in 1943 his canvases were accepted by the jury of the important “Salão Nacional de Belas Artes” in its Modern Division, obtaining Honorable Mention (1943), Bronze Medal (1947) , Silver Medal (1948), as well as Jury Exemption, in Rio de Janeiro. She exhibited individually for the first time in São Paulo, at Livraria Brasiliense (1945), starting a brilliant career as a painter that would lead her to exhibit, alone or in collectives, in the USA, in several European countries and mainly in the art galleries of the Rio axis. -São Paulo. Silvia's painting, simple, stripped of artificiality, pure and extremely sensitive, captures aspects of Brazilian life on the beaches, in amusement parks, in the suburbs, usually tiny figures that group together in the anonymity of the crowds. “Silvia feels, above all, attracted by the poetry of ingenuity. It could be said that she seeks to divest herself of all school knowledge in order to arrive at a clean synthetic expression of literature.” Wrote Sérgio Milliet, in 1945. “… Streets, cities of Sílvia: under the sheer light, in every house, the grace of fraternity lives… So Brazil! O Silvia, wherever you go, take something from us, pure and gentle.” Wrote Carlos Drummond de Andrade in 1968.