(Edivaldo Barbosa de Souza)
1956 – Itambe, Paraná.

Edivaldo was raised by the couple Antonio and Benedita Puppo. At just nine months of age, they moved to São Paulo, settling in Vila das Palmeiras, in the Limão neighborhood. The boy Edivaldo aroused admiration when at the age of 07, he colored his drawings with watercolors, inspired by everyday scenes in Vila das Palmeiras. In the simple and colorful houses lived a happy, festive and religious people. The children were always occupied with the games that took place in that region of vast and diversified vegetation accommodated in a rugged topography.
Edivaldo got married at the age of 20 and had three children. He got a job as a finalist, which, in addition to offering a living, allowed him to exercise his artistic skills, developing his creativity and composition technique. He never stopped painting during his rest hours. He began his professional artistic career in 1995 when he exhibited at the Jacques Ardies Gallery in São Paulo. He participated in the International Naïve Art Contest in Canada at the Jeannine Blais Gallery, and in Switzerland, at the Pro Arte Kasper Gallery, as well as the exhibition “Mestres Naïfs Brasileiros” at the Musée d'Art Naïf (MAN) in Figueiras, Spain. He held solo shows at the Jacques Ardies Gallery in São Paulo in 1997 and 2002. He traveled to France in 2003 to accompany his solo exhibition mounted at the Jacqueline Bricard Gallery in Lourmarin, where he is still present today as well as at the Gina Gallery in Tel-Aviv, Israel .